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The issue of the new “Mandatory Out of Service Operational Procedure” is a hot topic at the moment. Basically, it is a procedure that QAS have put in place to govern the end of shift dispatching on 12 and 10 hour shifts.

APA Qld cannot stress enough to all of our members the importance of fatigue management.  

All members should have received an email about this important issue. 

Two months ago APA Qld made submissions on behalf of members in the Senate Inquiry into the role of Commonwealth, state and territory Governments in addressing the high rates of mental health conditions experienced by first responders, emergency service workers and volunteers. At that time, United Voice made comments to the effect that APA Qld was “sensationalising or over-stating”. QAS made it clear that its position was that APA Qld’s submissions were unrealistic and inaccurate. A joint project between the Ambulance Employees Association and Griffith University has exposed more evidence that supports what members have been communicating to us and we have been speaking out about. We will continue to speak out about this serious issue.

The AGM is fast approaching, on August 17th 2018 there will be a rule change to allow Privately Employed Paramedics who have a primary workplavce in the State of Queensland to become members of the Association. Professional Indemnity coverage will be available to these members also. For more information pleae check the News Section after the 17th of August, or follow us on Facebook

APA Qld has lodged submissions in the Parliamentary Inquiry into the high rates of mental health conditions experienced by first responders, emergency service workers and volunteers. Click to view the Submission website and locate Item 73.

APA Qld is now offering Professional Indemnity Insurance inclusive with membership for our Paramedic members in preparattion for the National Registration of Paramedics, click to read more.

Fentanyl tampering, Paramedic Welfare, Public Safety and the QAS (Queensland Ambulance Service)
We would urge our members and the community to listen to the following radio broadcast from ABC RNs Background Briefing.

Wage parity! We thank UV and QAS for finally getting there on this long drawn out issue. QAS Employees now getting paid what they deserve. Click to read the new agreement.

Please click the link below to access a copy of the Government co-sponsored United Voice Remuneration Enquiry for QAS.

This is at current as close to a work value assessment that is available at the moment.  Hopefully the contents of the document will be used effectively to ensure that QAS employees are no longer the lowest paid in Australia.

Following a recent consultation session on the 6th of February 2017 on changes to the National Law and The Registration of Paramedics, which was held in Melbourne by the Secretariat of the NRAS Review Implementation Project, documents are now availbale for perusal, click to find out more about the upcoming Paramedic National Registration.