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Legal Advice & Representation

APA QLD members have access to the State Liaison Officer and our Industrial Advisor. APA QLD can also provide access to multiple Legal Firms when the need is required.

Member Advocacy

APA QLD exists to support our members. From lobbying the QLD State Government concerning ambulance issues, to engaging the media to raise awareness of issues facing our members. 

Member Support

Helping members to lodge grievances, attending meetings members have with management as a support person, and generally giving guidance in dealing with problems.

Studying to be a Paramedic?

APA QLD offers Free Student Membership to University Students.

Restrictions to services apply, please follow the link to find out more.

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The Australian Paramedics Association Queensland (APA QLD) assists frontline emergency services employees including Paramedics, Emergency Medical Dispatchers and Patient Transport Officers in Queensland.

APA QLD has a proven track record of providing industrial support and advice and legal assistance to its members by providing prompt and responsive support 7 days a week.

Ambulance work does not just take place Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, so we have tailored the association around a 24hr job and provide 24hr support. 

We understand the job because we work in the job. 

The nature of our work is such that every person, every patient, every case is different requiring a more individualised personal approach to your support.

The Latest from APAQ

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Two months ago APA Qld made submissions on behalf of members in the Senate Inquiry into the role of Commonwealth, state and territory Governments in addressing the high rates of mental health conditions experienced by first responders, emergency service workers and volunteers. At that time, United Voice made comments to the effect that APA Qld was “sensationalising or over-stating”. QAS made it clear that its position was that APA Qld’s submissions were unrealistic and inaccurate. A joint project between the Ambulance Employees Association and Griffith University has exposed more evidence that supports what members have been communicating to us and we have been speaking out about. We will continue to speak out about this serious issue.

The AGM is fast approaching, on August 17th 2018 there will be a rule change to allow Privately Employed Paramedics who have a primary workplavce in the State of Queensland to become members of the Association. Professional Indemnity coverage will be available to these members also. For more information pleae check the News Section after the 17th of August, or follow us on Facebook