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About Us

The Australian Paramedics Association Qld (APA Qld) is a professional association that promotes, protects, and advances the paramedic profession, ambulance professionals and paramedics in Queensland.

We are Queensland’s most trusted, influential and engaged paramedic professional body. APA Qld was established in 2005 and has a proud history of protecting ambulance professionals and paramedics and advocating for change.  

We assist members by providing legal advice and support for their professional matters as well as advancing the interests of the paramedic profession by actively participating in reviews and inquiries that lead to improving the profession and the health system.

APA Qld cares about the mental health and safety of paramedics and ambulance professionals. We are committed to advocating for changes that improve the high rates of mental health conditions that are experienced by professionals engaged in emergency work.

We are continually striving to improve our service to members and maintain APA Qld’s position at the forefront of the profession.

Learn more about APA Qld in this video: CLICK HERE

APA Qld is operated by a management committee who are paramedics who have nominated for the position because they strive to contribute to the improvement of the profession and protect and support paramedics and ambulance professionals.

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Management Committee

Adam Gett President
Blake Wilson Secretary
Sue Standley Treasurer
Dave Wrightson Vice President