About Us

Australian Paramedics Association Queensland

APA QLD is an incorporated association that was setup by Paramedics and Ambulance Employees to support and advocate for the rights and wellbeing of Paramedics and Ambulance Employees. 

With the onset of National Registration of Paramedics in late 2018, APA QLD is committed to assisting members with registration or legal issues that arise under registration. APA QLD intends to assist our paramedic members with issues in front of the Board of Paramedicine.

APA QLD membership includes access to our State Liaison Officer and our Industrial Advisor. Our State Liaison Officer is a member of the Management Committee, and provides 24-hour industrial support and advice via our members only 1300 number. The State Liaison also liaises with our Industrial Advisor to organise the appropriate advice and legal assistance for our members.

APA QLD also supports our members with a network of Liaison Officers; volunteers who under the guidance and direction of the Management Committee assist our members state-wide. 

APA QLD also maintains regular advocacy activities in the media to stand up for the rights and wellbeing of our frontline members.

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Executive Contacts

Adam Gett
Nathan Jorgensen
Vice President 
Patrick Tomkins
Sue Standley
Althea Dorsett
State Liaison