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Professional Indemnity Insurance Update

Professional Indemnity Insurance Update

We would like to today inform members that we are in the final process of purchasing Professional Indemnity Insurance for our Financial Members who are Paramedics.

Members can rest assured the policy is fit for purpose as our brokers liaised with AHPRA directly and the policy has been deemed suitable for the National Registration Standards for Paramedic Registration.The policy will be purchased within the fortnight, and members should monitor their email accounts for a copy of their Certificate of Currency.

The Cover period will commence form the 1st of September 2018, but members will receive their Certificate of Currency well in advance of this date.

If you know that you may no longer be financial, or you are a cancelled member that wishes to re-activate, please contact ASAP.

Thankyou all for your continued membership.

APA Qld Management Committee

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