Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become involved?

APA Qld is run completely by volunteer members, who also work as Paramedics, PTO's and EMD's. If you feel you can assist in anyway whatsoever (even for 1-2 hours a week), regardless of your specialist skill, please contact an APA QLD committee member.

Can we talk to the media about APA QLD?

Only the Management Committee are to liaise with any of the media outlets. This is to ensure accuracy and continuity of all outgoing information for use in the public domain. All requests for public comment are to be referred to the Management Committee of APA QLD. Contact details are available via the "About Us" page, or try the "Contact Us" web form.

Can I be a member of both the Union and APA QLD?

Yes it is legal and acceptable to be a financial member of both United Voice and APA QLD. We encourage Union participation.

Can other employees other then Paramedics join APA QLD?

All employees of the Queensland Ambulance Service are encouraged and welcome to join APA QLD. This includes Paramedics, Patient Transport Officers, Communication Centre Staff. Paramedics who are employed privately who have a principal workplace in the State of Queensland will be allowed to join from August 17, 2018.

Do I have legal coverage for work related matters?

When a QAS employee causes loss, damage, injury or death to a third party whilst working in the employment role and provided the employee has followed proper working procedures and protocols and has not been grossly negligent in carrying out their duties of employment, then the employer is legally responsible for the actions of the employee. In the unlikely event one was to be involved in a workplace matter which as part of one's duties attracted the potential for litigation the employer has this indemnity in place to provide protection to individual employees having external litigation brought against them.

APA QLD also provides Professional Indemnity Insurance to financial Paramedic members since July 2018. Members are provided with a Certificate of Currency when they join, and the policy refreshes in September each year. It is part of the National Regulation of Paramedics that they have appropriate Professional Indemnity Cover.

Legal assistance can be provided to members of the APA QLD for employment and paramedic registration related matters. Allegations relating to criminal conduct, sexual harassment and other serious conduct may not be covered under the APA QLD Rules and By-Laws and as such each case will need to be reviewed on a case by case basis by the APA QLD Executive Committee in respect to this coverage. We understand each case is unique.

Legal assistance and advice can be provided to fee paying members of APA QLD in relation to an incident or allegation that arises in the course of their employment.  

In the first instance you need to contact APA QLD via the website member enquiry area and be prepared to advise the following information:

i.   The nature of the inquiry, implication or allegation.
ii.  The date of the alleged incident.
iii. The location of the alleged incident.
iv.  Any other material fact relating to the alleged incident.

Initial and ongoing approval for the provision of legal assistance is at the discretion of the APA QLD Management Committee. Once a matter is referred to the legal team, members will receive legal representation. This may include but is not limited to having a lawyer attend an interview with QAS, allocated investigators, the police or attendance in court.

If a lawyer's attendance is required it will be determined by the legal team in consultation with the APA QLD Executive Committee.

How will my voice be heard?

All members of the Executive Committee and our Senior Industrial Relations Advisor are available by email or phone to assist when required. All suggestions and comments are welcome. APA QLD is driven by its members, meaning the success and potential of APA QLD is dependent on members offering ideas, opinions, and standing together to become a united front for the ambulance industry.

Is APA QLD industrially registered?

No, APA QLD is not currently an industrially registered body. In Queensland, United Voice is the Industrially Registered body for Ambulance Employees. APA Qld is a free voice and a registered incorporated association.  We believe in not being constrained by politics and we are not aligned to any political party.  We put our members first as we exist ONLY for our members. Our members have voted for the organisation to pursue Industrial Registration in the future. 

What are we doing right now and what are our intentions for the future?

The APA QLD Management Committee are constantly working incredibly hard for our members. Dealing with members issues is our primary role. The Management Committee consists of frontline Paramedics from all across the State of Queensland and volunteer their time to see the Association grow. The Management Committee participate in a weekly teleconference with our Industrial Advisor to manage all members issues big and small. Also, the Management Committee are in constant contact outside of our formal meeting structure to ensure the smooth running of our large Association. It takes commitment and dedication to keep the Association healthy and growing, but the reward is seeing our frontline peers be treated fairly and justly when we defend them. 

APA QLD members have voted to pursue Industrial Registration at some point in the future, but this is a massive legal and financial challenge. The Management Committee need to be fiscally responsible in this pursuit, and supporting members is the primary focus.

What if I need legal help?

As a member of APA QLD you will be provided the opportunity to have your matter evaluated by our designated legal team (at no cost to you), who will advise on the best legal approach to handle your matter in the first instance. So long as your matter is covered by the Rules and By-Laws of the association you will usually be provided legal assistance. If it is deemed by our legal team that you require specialised legal assistance the matter will be discussed with you and the Management Committee to determine the best course of action. Please be aware that costs incurred for legal assistance which is obtained outside the designated APA QLD legal team will not be covered by APA QLD.

APA QLD will provide support for such matters and if necessary and access to legal assistance. If you believe you need support or legal assistance, you need to use the member enquiry tab on the APA QLD website and provide the appropriate details. A Committee Member or Liaison Officer of APA QLD will contact you and discuss the case and determine how the matter is to be handled. If it is deemed that legal assistance is required at an interview with QAS, an allocated investigator, the Police or for court attendance, it will be provided.  APA QLD also has an Industrial Relations Advisor that will be made available as a support person if required.

If you have an urgent legal enquiry (e.g. such as where you have been called into a meeting and your employment may be at risk), you can call the urgent legal advice line, on 1300-000-272.

When am I covered by APA QLD?

You are covered from the moment you become a financial member of APA QLD for incidents that occur subsequently to you joining. If you have not received information from the Association within 7 days  via email after joining online, or bank deductions have not commenced on your nominated date, please contact us as soon as possible.

You will be covered as a member from the time you have become financial.

If your specific question has not been answered here, please contact us and we'll find the answer for you.