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Australian Paramedic Association Queensland

 Communication Centre Supervisors

  Old Position New Position Wage pre Sep 17 Sep-17 Sep-18 Sep-19  Compounded % increase by Position Compounded % Increase by Officer
Comms Centre Super PP 1 ACO09 L4 B1 Inc 1 $77,510.00 $87,969.00 $91,223.00 $97,131.00 25.31%  
Comms Centre Super PP 2 ACO10 L4 B2 Inc 2 $79,809.00 $90,135.00 $93,297.00 $99,013.00 24.06%  
Comms Centre Super PP 3 ACO12 L4 B2 Inc 3 $82,076.00 $92,211.00 $95,348.00 $100,896.00 22.93% 30.17%
Comms Centre Super PP 4 AC1000 L4 B2 Inc 3 $82,076.00 $92,211.00 $95,348.00 $100,896.00 22.93% 26.42%
            $100,896.00   22.93%
          $95,348.00 $100,896.00   22.93%


Above are table representations of pay Point progression rates with compounded pay rise percentages over the two year life of the agreement for Communication Centre Supervisors.  Communication Centre Supervisors will enter the new "Level, Band Increment" structure of new pay rates dependant on there substantive position in the QAS as of implementation date.  Pay 'increment' progression then occurs with years of service, maintenance of skill sets and mandatory continuing training requirements. To allow easy recognition of the time lines and new pay points a colour coding has been added to the tables below. This will help each Officer understand their pay position at the yearly milestones in 2018 and 2019. The colour coded % figure displayed is the compounded pay increase over that time frame for the "Officer" calculated by ([Sept 2019 wage] - [Current Wage])/[Current wage].



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